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Brisbane branding is one of the eminent names in the marketing business. We have been in the business for more than a decade, and we have evolved and adapted various new trends and technologies. Over the years, we have worked with some of the best brands in the world and have rendered a great service.

Marketing Automation

Most of the marketing processes are automated. Hence there are very fewer possibilities of human errors in the processes that are carried out.

Best Marketing Techniques

We apply the best marketing techniques that will increase the sales and the revenue of the organization. These techniques are designed by industry experts who have many years of experience.

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Mistakes To Avoid In Marketing

A marketing campaign, if done right helps you connect with a lot of relevant audiences, that will get people talking about your company, the products and services you provide. If marketing is done wrong will result in you losing a lot of money in both the revenues and the expense. Some common mistakes to avoid in the marketing world include

Lack of research and testing

Market research is critical because they determine the performance of each of your marketing effort. Always make sure that you have done your research work when it comes to marketing. Try testing the product with different offers, pricing, packaging, etc. and then get all the input and then see the customers reaction to see how they react to each

Improper Focus

Marketing is not just about building your company; it is also about keeping your brand alive in the minds of consumers. A marketing strategy needs to demand an immediate response from the audience.

Marketing without a USP

You USP or Unique Selling Proposition is the one thing that will immediately differentiate you from all the competition. The USP can be a piece of information that marketing strategy can be built upon. If you market without it, it is likely that your strategy may fail to impress the audience.

Failing to capture repeat costumers

80% of your business comes from the existing audience you have and 20% from the new audience. So keep your existing audience happy as by failing to resell your product to the current costumers might have a bad effect on the profits. A new costumer will cost you five times the expense than selling the same to an existing consumer.

Lack of focus on Potential customers

Very few businesses have the knowledge of what the customers are looking for and what they expect from them. The secret to avoiding this common error is to find the need that your consumers want, and you try to fill it better than anyone else.

Although unfortunate, Marketing mistakes can happen even with all the planning, research and the launch. But, you are not the only one who has ever experience this. Learn from this mistake as you still have a business you want to grow, try to know why did your current campaign fail? Most often than not, it is because of the reasons mentioned above. The worst mistake you can do is to give up and will most definitely result in the downfall your business. The best that comes out of a failed marketing strategy is experience, as you will know what not to the next time and how you can improve yourself to help you and your business grow in the long run.

Marketing Hacks To Increase Your Leads

There is a lot of competition out there and finding new and creative ways to capture your audience attention is going to be extremely challenging. We have somemarketing hack for you to increase your leads.

Use various growth marketing tactics to get leads

The visitors your website generate, no matter how big or small, you need to leverage them to give your name, email, phone number, etc. You can then use these to capture leads in an efficient manner, which includes:

  • Creative pop-up placements
  • Running a contest
  • Offer giveaways
  • Gated Contents

Video marketing

Increase Your Leads

Video marketing is the best way to market as it is the most digested form of media and also youtube being the second largest search engine has become a trend. Many people do not find reading tempting rather chose to watch a video to know about your product features. The benefits of using video marketing include:

  • It is easy to understand
  • Engages the viewers
  • Have a script
  • Give the views call to action

Marketing your product with the help of an influencer

According to a research Global Trust in Advertising report, more than 83% of people completely or partially agree when a trusted source recommends the product to them. Influencer marketing is a clever form of marketing to gain audiences trust by putting up a face that people recognise to endorse a product. The most necessary part of influencer marketing is finding the right influencer who has a lot of following, and the followers are comprised of the audience you are trying to target which will increase your visibility and show in the form of profits.

Stay informed on the latest growth marketing tactics

marketing tactics

Stay up to date with all relevant marketing trends in your industry will help you stay on top of your game, and you don’t miss out on anything that can potentially land you your huge client or business deal.

Focus on the data

A digital marketer has to be data-driven to remain competitive. Google Analytics, Heap Analytics, Mixpanel, etc. are some of the tools that can help you retrieve data to understand your current or past data better, ascribing attributes and also making sure that you are earning the highest return on investments from all your marketing campaigns.


Digital marketing efforts will always be a work in progress and will have to be optimised and tested constantly. A/B testing is indisputable and can allow you to compare any version of the page to determine which converts better and try running the test until you reach statistical significance.Digital marketing is a work in progress, and digital marketing is a calculated, data-driven process that helps you set your business up for success.

Greatest Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are definitely a very time-consuming process, and if your strategy fails there, you will have to deal with all the expenses but if your strategy succeeds you if can turn your company into an overnight success. Some recent marketing success campaign includes

Apple announces the iPhone XS

The team at Apple know how to create unprecedented interest in their product. In 2018, Almost 1.5 million people talked about there flagship event, which made it the biggest product launch of the year. This can be credited to how they use their keywords to compel their audience.

pop and Gucci

K-pop and Gucci

K-pop is huge and when a member of a group Exo appeared at Gucci fashion show, due to which the whole show went viral.

Coca-Cola, BTS and FIFA World cup

Coca-Cola team knows how to make a show go viral. They know to draw a large audience’s attention towards them when they announced their partnership with BTS at the most happening event of the year the FIFA world cup.


The firm IHOP name change was one of the best brand awareness campaigns of all time. The firm was introducing a range of burgers to their chain. They generated more conversation which is 948,750, more than any fast food change out there just by changing their name to IHOB

Google making phone calls for you

Google in may 2018 unveiled an artificial intelligence software where your phone can conduct voice-based conversations on your behalf. This drew the attention of millions, and about 90% of them were generated by online users.


First Tesla in space

Elon musk set a new high for marketing in the year of 2018 where combines SpaceX and Tesla and launched a car into space. This drew the attention of more than half a million people.

Nike’s campaign

Nike’s LDNR ad brought in a lot of views dubbed the coolest ad of the year. Is just A British sporting stars explaining why it is good to be a Londoner. This ad won a lot of awards, including a Cannes.

Burger King and Net Neutrality

Marketing Campaigns

Burger King took a controversial topic of net neutrality by creating an educational video. This marketing strategy generated more than 1.5 million on Twitter and more than 20500 conversations. Although most brands would stay out of controversial topics but not burger king as they knew how to educate their audience and generate a buzz around them.

Announcing Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch

All gamers started chatting it up when Nintendo announced that smash bros is available in nintendo switch. Due to all of the buzz created around the switch it generated a total conversation of 621,025 which was an instant hit.

Best Marketing Strategy For Business Growth

The objective of any business is to grow and gain profits, but many businesses often fail to help business in such a way. Whether you are getting products, services or information getting the word out has become incredibly difficult, and without the right marketing strategy, it is impossible to achieve and growth in your business or get more profits.  some best marketing strategy for business growth include

Making use of social media

social media

You cannot ignore social media as all kinds of magic happen here. Many businesses have seen growth just with the help of social media. Social Media can be a little intimidating, but social media plays a huge part in the growth of the business as it attracts the audience, and also helps your brand be known, which builds trust. You can hire a social media manager, just to manage your social media pages, post regularly, be authentic, post your thoughts and products, post anything that is relevant and useful that will help attract more audience that will help your audience learn more about you and your business.

Create video tutorials

Creating video tutorials are the best, and the most effective way to get your audience and let everyone know about any new launches is to create video tutorials. A video tutorial helps you provide more value to the product; it boosts your visibility and ultimately boosts your sales. As youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, also when you learn something visually, it is most likely going to stay in your head.

Start blogging now

Immediately start a blogging site to up your business game, you might think that due to the lack if visibility a blog does not do much, but the truth is that if you know what you are doing. Keep posting about new ideas in your blog; you can easily gain a relevant and massive audience who can immediately reach you with all the queries.

most likely going

Search engine optimisation

SEO is a powerful tool to help you reach the sky. SEO requires a lot of work and time to see any kind of results. Although the growth is slow, you will see results in the long run. Create contents while keeping the search engine guidelines in mind. This the best way to convey any insightful, engaging, unique and valuable to your website.

Partner with an influencer

Get a social media influencer get the word out about your product and services to boost your visibility with much less effort. The key is to find the right social media influencer who has a lot of following and has the niche as same as you to target the right audience. It is all about spreading the word about your product to increase your profits.

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