Marketing campaigns are definitely a very time-consuming process, and if your strategy fails there, you will have to deal with all the expenses but if your strategy succeeds you if can turn your company into an overnight success. Some recent marketing success campaign includes

Apple announces the iPhone XS

The team at Apple know how to create unprecedented interest in their product. In 2018, Almost 1.5 million people talked about there flagship event, which made it the biggest product launch of the year. This can be credited to how they use their keywords to compel their audience.

pop and Gucci

K-pop and Gucci

K-pop is huge and when a member of a group Exo appeared at Gucci fashion show, due to which the whole show went viral.

Coca-Cola, BTS and FIFA World cup

Coca-Cola team knows how to make a show go viral. They know to draw a large audience’s attention towards them when they announced their partnership with BTS at the most happening event of the year the FIFA world cup.


The firm IHOP name change was one of the best brand awareness campaigns of all time. The firm was introducing a range of burgers to their chain. They generated more conversation which is 948,750, more than any fast food change out there just by changing their name to IHOB

Google making phone calls for you

Google in may 2018 unveiled an artificial intelligence software where your phone can conduct voice-based conversations on your behalf. This drew the attention of millions, and about 90% of them were generated by online users.


First Tesla in space

Elon musk set a new high for marketing in the year of 2018 where combines SpaceX and Tesla and launched a car into space. This drew the attention of more than half a million people.

Nike’s campaign

Nike’s LDNR ad brought in a lot of views dubbed the coolest ad of the year. Is just A British sporting stars explaining why it is good to be a Londoner. This ad won a lot of awards, including a Cannes.

Burger King and Net Neutrality

Marketing Campaigns

Burger King took a controversial topic of net neutrality by creating an educational video. This marketing strategy generated more than 1.5 million on Twitter and more than 20500 conversations. Although most brands would stay out of controversial topics but not burger king as they knew how to educate their audience and generate a buzz around them.

Announcing Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch

All gamers started chatting it up when Nintendo announced that smash bros is available in nintendo switch. Due to all of the buzz created around the switch it generated a total conversation of 621,025 which was an instant hit.